WSN Scripts Installation and Customization

Why learn code, let us edit and set it up for you!

WSN Scripts are designed with flexibility in mind, ready to be shaped to your purpose. You'll find thousands of options and an extremely extensible system into which we can incorporate your designs and features. It also has incorporated SEO tools to help you get visitors and countless unique features help you keep them.

We offer installation and customization of the whole family of WSN products. We have installed and customized both WSN Links and WSN Gallery for our own projects as well as for our clients.

WSN Scripts feature all the community-building interactive features you want, but probably never expected to get: comments and ratings, an invitations system, saved listings, tagging, guestbooks, a calendar, ebay-style feedback, avatars, private messaging, buddy and ignore lists, member ranks and ratings, an advanced moderator system, instant messaging, a shoutbox, even a chat room.

Examples of WSN Links and WSN Gallery can be found on our own web site. WSN Links powers our Links Directory. Whereas WSN Gallery powers our Free Graphics section. As you can see by the examples, the versatility of these programs is amazing!

Additional examples can be found on our Portfolio pages.

Since each product's functionality is similar to the others, installing and customizing any of the other WSN scripts, such as Forum, Knowledge Base, and Classifieds is possible.

Contact us about designing your web site with WSN Scripts!Contact us about designing your web site with WSN Scripts!

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