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There are many options available to promote your web site. It doesn't matter if your web site is brand new, a fresh re-design, or an old site that you just want to remind people is there. Some of your options are:

Traditional / Off-line: Promotions and advertising that is not done online is mostly considered traditional advertising these days. Whenever High Aspirations works with a new client, the question of letting people know a site exists always comes up. The first thing we tell them is that they have to add their URL to every bit of documentation they send out. This includes their letterheads, fax cover sheets, business cards, phone book advertising, etc.

High Aspirations is available to design or update your letterhead, fax cover sheet, order forms, business cards, and any other documentation you may have.

We can also design and handle the mailing of web site announcement postcards or other materials.

Merchandise: If you already have t-shirts and mugs and so on, don't forget to add your URL to those as well. If you don't have any merchandise, a CafePress store is a very inexpensive way to get some. The store is free, you pay cost for your own purchases, and set prices for your customers so you can make some money on each purchase they make. You can either manage the store yourself or have us take that off your plate as well.

Design and Sell Merchandise Online for Free

Visit High Aspirations, Inc.'s CafePress Store as an example.

Don't forget to have us add your shop's widget to your site. It's size and colors are customizable so we can match your site's design. Here's ours as an example:

Make Custom Gifts at CafePress

Paid On-line: Another type of promotion is paying for ads or to be listed on search engines or other sites. We are more than happy to work with you or manage your online campaign. You can find more information about this in our Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Management section.

Free On-line: Not all online promotion comes with a hefty price tag. There are still free promotion options available out there if you know where to look and utilizing these options greatly reduces your overall web site costs because all you pay is for our time and services. You have several options, some of which are:

Contact us about promoting your web site!Contact us about promoting your web site!

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