Fun and Free

High Aspirations, Inc. has always felt that if you've taken the time to visit our site, then you deserve to get something for free. Over the years, we've come across tools, links and applications that we found useful or just fun and here is where we will share them with you. Hope you enjoy and come back often...

Character, Line and Word Counter - Free online tool that counts characters, lines, and words. We use it to keep within character and word limits for search engine submissions but the kids love it for those 500 word essays!

Free Graphics - We've been giving away free graphics almost as long as we've been in business so we've got a pretty huge collection at this point. You'll find backgrounds, buttons, left sides, and more for you to use in personal, educational, and commercial projects.

Games - Where's the fun in being business all the time? So, here's a little stress relief for free!

Links Directory - A collection of links that we find useful and figured we'd share including support sites, software solutions, and even specials. The HAI Links Directory accepts submissions!

Screen Resolution Tester - Wonder what your site looks like on different screen resolutions? Well, wonder no more! We use this neat tool to help design sites. It's a quick and easy way to tell if something will fit on most monitors.

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