About HAI

Our team consists of Elizabeth and Marilyn, each of whom bring their own unique style and skills to the High Aspirations, Inc. design table.

Elizabeth M. Lukan runs our Pennsylvania office. She's the one you'll most likely talk to when you call since she covers the day shift. With over 21 years of computer and managerial experience, she is the glue that keeps High Aspirations, Inc. together and running.

Marilyn Grillo-Springer runs our New York office. She handles most of the money matters and covers the night shift. Marilyn is our truly adventurous one when it comes to learning something new, if a client wants it or a site needs it, she'll figure out how to do it.

Although we have offices in both New York and Pennsylvania, we handle clients near and far with personal attention and quick responses to all your emails, calls, and web needs. We feel that just because we deal in technology that doesn't mean our clients should have to put up with never getting to speak with a real live human being.

We are also a member in excellent standing of the Better Business Bureau. We were one of the first web design companies to ever belong to the New York BBB which is important to us and hopefully gives us the credibility customers look for when choosing a web design company.

We love designing and the challenge of a new design style or technology. We are constantly trying to learn new skills and improve the services we provide. Whether it's html, php, shtml, asp, p3p, java, javascript, cgi, perl, or databases, as the technology changes, so do we.

Please take this time to wander around the rest of our site. You will find more information on what we can do for you and your site. Browse our clients' sites and hopefully you will find that High Aspirations, Inc. is the right web design team for you.

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